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Getting jiggy with it.

side bending jog

Last year I bought a concert ukulele kit from Stewart McDonald for my son Bryan. I plan on making it with him as a father/son project. We’re not going to just build his kit uke though. I am making one for myself too, but not from a kit. I’m creating my own “kit” by making all the same parts of the StewMac kit, from scratch using wood I have in stock.

First though, I need some jigs. My son’s kit comes with pre-bent sides. I need to build a ukulele-sized side bender to be used with a silicone heat blanket.

I designed the bender in Vectric Vcarve Pro, basing it on others I saw online.

I cut all the parts out on the CNC. The press is just a piece of 1/2-13 threaded rod from Lowes. For now I’m just going to use a socket wrench to work the press. Maybe someday I’ll make a handle for it. To bend and then hold the upper and lower bouts, I have carriage bolts and a simple block that will accomplish that, but I need to get eye bolts from the hardware store to hold the carriage bolts, but with the pandemic, I’m avoiding unnecessary trips, so I may just use clamps for this one.

side bending jogUkulele side bender

Next I built a scarf joint sled for my table saw. I don’t know where I got this from, but the modified date on the jpeg file is 12/24/2003, so I probably got it from a post on the MIMF (Musical Instrument Makers Forum). I’m a self-taught luthier and I owe a great deal to this forum. I started on this journey in 2003 so this photo of the scarf joint jig has been in my collection from the beginning. Unfortunately luthiery has been perpetually on the back burner as the last 16 years have been spent moving around a lot and trying to make something of a career in IT. As a result I haven’t had a proper shop, or the time to work on this stuff for a very long time.

scarf sled

Finally I made an outside mould. For Bryan’s kit we’re going to follow the instruction videos on StewMac’s site and they suggest a simple workboard with angle brackets to act as an outside mould, but for my uke, I made this mould out of scraps. The sides you see in it are the pre-bent ones from the kit.

Next I’ll start to make the parts for my “kit” ukulele.